One Step Closer to the End of Cyber Crime


Posted on 10.3.2015 by ms

CYBERPOL has published the first international CYBERBOK (.pdf) body of knowledge on cyber crime risk management in relation to ISO 31000. ISO 31000 (.pdf) is an international standard developed to help organizations of all sizes manage any type of risk, whether it has negative or positive consequences. It is a useful document for any organization that wants to develop […]

Is Your Company Safe? Let’s Talk about That

Symatec 2

Posted on 2.3.2015 by ms

Many enterprises are putting a third of their revenue at risk by overlooking the fact that nowadays cyber threats are more common than they used to be. SMEs are putting their valuable data at risk and suffering both financial and reputational damage. According to the Symatec Threat Report 2014 there was a 62% increase in the […]

We’ve Joined the Ranks of Forensic and Policing Services Association


Posted on 26.2.2015 by ms

We have some exciting news! SVAT recently became a member of the Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA). This non-profit organization based in the UK brings together enterprises from the forensic, policing and criminal justice sectors.  We’ve joined the organization to help companies from the UK conduct effective fraud investigations and limit cyber threats. From our […]

The Ups & Downs of Crime Mapping in the Czech Republic

SVAT crime mapping

Posted on 22.1.2015 by ms

Crime mapping in the Czech Republic is still in its infancy. On the upside, the police are trying a new crime mapping system and, on the downside, are hiding information from the public on false premises. After our two rather general articles on predictive policing and positive feedback on our special blog post about new Czech […]

The Future of Predictive Policing, Part II: Injustice & Reasonable SuspicionThe Future of Predictive Policing, Part II: Injustice & Reasonable Suspicion

SVAT predictive policing

Posted on 18.12.2014 by ms

Predictive policing sounds like a crystal clear idea, but there is always a catch. In this case, two.  In our last article on Predictive Policing, we discussed the relative simplicity of the system and questioned its usefulness for more serious crimes like murder or rape. And two big concerns remain: injustice and reasonable suspicion. Biased data […]

Czech Cyber Security: Finally Ahead of Europe?

SVAT cyber security

Posted on 4.11.2014 by ms

The Czech Republic, usually falling behind in European regulations, is ahead of the crowd for now. The new cyber security law has put the Czech Republic in first place in the race to create a comprehensive country-wide cyber security solution. The law has already passed both chambers of parliament, been signed by the president and […]

Bitcoin: Tax Collector’s Dream?

Posted on 19.9.2014 by ms

Bill Ready recently announced that eBay is experimenting with Bitcoin transactions. That’s awesome news for anybody who owns at least a small part of one Bitcoin. Another important piece of news is that the price of the new digital currency has remained almost unmoved, suggesting that the crazy days of ups and downs are gone, […]