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ClueMaker offers powerful data analytics to everyone. It is user-friendly and cost-effective visualization of relations, links and flows between subjects. We are here for e-discovery, fraud investigation, investigative journalism, sales and more. Are you a dataholic? Try ClueMaker.

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Dataset Identification

Envision you have a list of identification numbers, names, licence plates or anything else. Just import them all into ClueMaker and run a search against your database. The dataset for all the matched entities will be pulled from your database and you can start your investigation.

  • Quickly identify entities in your database
  • Keep your dataset up to date – Refresh your data and all attributes
  • Start your work in Excel and continue in your database


Database identification

Dataset Identification in detail

Forensic trace

Every action is logged listing the time and the editor. So you can always see who inserted each entity and each link. You can password protect your work to prevent unauthorized users from editing your work.

  • Detailed log
  • Password protection
  • Forensic trace


Forensic trace

Forensic trace in detail


Need to periodically check your data and get more details? No problem! You can define a simple report that will bring you a lot more important information from all your data sources. Use tables, text styles and dynamic charts to format the report as you need. You can turn on dynamic recalculation and then just click for an update.

  • Html reports
  • Dynamic refresh
  • Run prepared queries

Reports in detail

Top stories

Insurance Fraud Investigation


A major insurance company


ClueMaker helps fraud investigators from a major insurance company to scrutinize and unwrap suspicious claims and activities. It enables them to combine data into one synoptic visualization where not only can they find ongoing fraud, but they can also identify typical patterns which are then included in customer screening solutions to prevent fraud in the future.

Online Banking Security


A major bank


One of the key features of ClueMaker is swift analysis and fast reporting. When a cyber attack hits an online banking system, cyber security specialists take care of it and then get a lot of data about attackers, victims, transactions and flows. ClueMaker allows specialists to analyze the data and quickly generate reports for supervisors and law-enforcement agencies.

Loan Fraud Prevention


A major bank


ClueMaker allows fraud sharks to investigate and prevent loan fraud. Being able to connect data from sources like business, bankruptcy and insolvency registers as well as companies’ internal notes, is invaluable in these types of cases. Traditional manual investigation take too long and costs a ton of money. ClueMaker helps investigators visualize all the data together and recognize fraud patterns among subjects, accounts and money flows.

Uncovering Corruption


A non-governmental organization


NGOs often serve as watchdogs of democracy, focusing on dirty connections between the government and the private sector. Sometimes it is possible to uncover a conspiracy simply by putting all the open data together and seeing what pops out. Making use of leaked or confidential data is also no problem at all. It is possible to combine leaked and confidential data with open data and uncover the truth behind the curtains.

Organized Crime Investigation


A Law-Enforcement Agency


Complicated criminal cases are often visualized using old-school methods like white boards, low quality prints, and colored magnets and a thread. ClueMaker provides an easy solution for visualizing much larger datasets from different sources. It also does not matter if the data is structured or not. Putting together data from money flows, phone calls, printed materials and social networks is no longer a problem. Social Network Analysis tool helps literally to “put faces on the money”.

Bitcoin Fraud Investigation


A Law-Enforcement Agency


Bitcoin is a relatively new currency, but it has already had its share of scandals and other issues. By connecting to API, ClueMaker helps investigate money laundering and fraud involving Bitcoin. Specialized cyber crime units are able to analyze Bitcoin flows from one wallet to another, add additional data from external sources and report the results. Investigators don’t have to worry about the number of objects, because ClueMaker can visualize thousands of objects in a matter of seconds.



€ 305 per year

Chart data

Works with Excel data sources



€ 3660 per year

Includes the Starter plan plus:

Works with databases

Works with selected webservices



Prices available upon request

Includes the Investigator plan plus:

Premium support

Flat licencing

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