We’ve Joined the Ranks of Forensic and Policing Services Association


Posted on 26.2.2015 by ms

We have some exciting news! SVAT recently became a member of the Forensic and Policing Services Association (FAPSA).

This non-profit organization based in the UK brings together enterprises from the forensic, policing and criminal justice sectors.  We’ve joined the organization to help companies from the UK conduct effective fraud investigations and limit cyber threats. From our point of view, FAPSA membership has many benefits. It is a great opportunity to expand and bring SVAT to more people that need to run their fraud investigations efficiently.

And that’s not all. We will meet with all FAPSA members at the annual conference Success Through Collaboration in May 2015, where SVAT will be introduced for the first time in the UK. Also, along with other members, we will help the organization further develop projects and events that will benefit this community. Fraud is a big problem, so we are happy to bring SVAT to a larger market and help catch more bad guys.

See you there! By the way, you can still sign up.