Dataset Identification

Posted on 25.1.2017 by ms

Envision you have a list of identification numbers, names, licence plates or anything else. Just import them all into ClueMaker and run a search against your database. The dataset for all the matched entities will be pulled from your database and you can start your investigation. Quickly identify entities in your database Keep your dataset […]


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Need to periodically check your data and get more details? No problem! You can define a simple report that will bring you a lot more important information from all your data sources. Use tables, text styles and dynamic charts to format the report as you need. You can turn on dynamic recalculation and then just […]

Forensic trace

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Every action is logged listing the time and the editor. So you can always see who inserted each entity and each link. You can password protect your work to prevent unauthorized users from editing your work. Detailed log Password protection Forensic trace  

Countless Data Sources

Posted on 17.10.2014 by ms

The sky’s the limit. You can easily upload various data sources, a few new ones being introduced each month. Our team is keeping SVAT up-to-date with customer’s needs.

Time Search

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Visual Search can easily be combined with Advanced Timeline. Explore new possibilities by limiting specifically which time period you are interested in.

Custom Search Patterns

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Just drag & drop all objects of interest together, draw connections between them and then search for the same pattern throughout the whole visualization.

Quick Preview

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Focusing on a specific object is simple and quick. You can also freely move your objects within your graph to have the exact level of control you need.


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SVAT is ready for a wide range of different files, whether they are documents and spreadsheets from Microsoft Office, complicated PDFs, or just simple pictures processed by OCR.

Sharp Recognition

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Unstructured scanned documents are no problem. The Text mining function can recognize even hard-to-read word strings in really messy documents.

Rapid Focus

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Navigating large graphs can be an issue. That’s why SNA’s results are quickly selectable and properly highlighted, so it is easy to understand even complicated structures.